Good News, Bad News By Colin McNaughton

This book is about a boy with a wild imagination, where at one point he has to go to the dentist, then at another point he escapes, just in time because of his dentist being count Dracula. In the end he goes home with vampire fangs and his mum asks how his day was.

From Ella


Dear Family,

I have not long got off the ship and I’m in Victoria. The food here is boiled ham and peas instead of Shellfish and you don’t get much to eat. I am sleeping in the ship that took me here along with most of the others. It is so scratchy and cold. The water here is filthy. The grass here is dead or none at all, but in Scotland the grass is green and fresh everyday. The cottages are small and short, as where we live the cottages are tall and big.

Yours Sincerely


100 word challenge week # 10

I was playing outside on my swing as I saw people running down the street, What was happening? But where were they going? I decided to follow. I ended up watching a whole lot of kids doing round offs, hand sprints and things inside a tent that was HUGE! It was a big show. I went home and sat on the swing as I thought about how long it would take them to practise.

From Ella

Ribbon Performance





Anastasia Hayes Biography

Anastasia Butler was born in 1817 at Castle, Ireland. She is most known for making the Southern Cross flag.

She was an only child, Anastasia’s parents names were Richard Butler and Ellen Baron. She married Timothy Hayes and became Anastasia Hayes, She had 6 children and survived the Potato Famine.

On the 5th of October 1852 Anastasia moved to Melbourne with her family, Her job was teaching at a nearby Catholic School. Anastasia saved Peter Lalors life, when his arm got removed. Her husband Tim moved to South America, so she had to bring up 6 kids on her own.

Anastastasia died in Ballarat peacefully in her own house in King Street, on the 6th of April 1892. She was 74 years old. This was a couple of days after Anastasia’s birthday.

From Ella


100 word Chllenge week #8

Today was so Remarkable, since there was a rainbow in front of a sunset, and Mum let me get ice cream today, we played gang up tiggy with cousins, and it was my sisters birthday. However I had to be very gingerly (cautious) about sitting down on the seat that was painted yellow, as I Discovered it was wet, today was really fun. From EllaRío de la Plata, Montevideo Colors

100 word challenge week #7

So this is a spider thinking its so dainty as can be,

Im definitely sure that you can see,

how it spins its web each night,

and did you know spiders give people a fright.

This spiders looks like every day,

it can play, play, play,

around with a buzzy fly,

that the spider caught as it was flying by,

spiders have 8 eyes,

that can look at you if your telling lies,

If you find a spider web one day,

just leave it alone so the spider doesn’t have to pay,

you a visit in a long time,

so bye!




100 word challenge week #5

Me and my friend  “Shelby” were at the local museum in Melbourne where we saw LOTS AND LOTS of artefacts of ancient things like tombs, jewels and much, much more. We finally got to a glass case with a treasure chest. Then a security guard came and said “you may have this, since you look like Claudia the Queen and your friend looks like the princess Anastasia”. He opened the glass case and gave it to Shelby. She said “here Claudia”. The chest didn’t require a key then the lock clicked and we got a billion dollars each. From Ella

Six CandlesCreative Commons License 

100 word challenge week #2

My friend is Rebecca and I’m making a dream for her. Her character is between shy and confident. Her dream is about going to North America and finding rabbits. She flies there in an aeroplane and it crashes but everyone is fine. They find a unicorn, which is her favourite mythical creature. She rides on it to North America and finds the rabbits, she was very happy there, so happy that she stays there.

The end From EllaWascally wabbitsCreative Commons License 

Footy colours day

Today was footy colours day, and we brought in money for the Cancer Council.

I’m supporting Richmond, and my friend’s are dressed up differently, Rebecca’s supporting Hawthorn and Lateysha’s team was Melbourne Storm from Rugby, since she doesn’t have a favourite footy team.

What team are you dressed up as? Why do you go for that team? Does your family go for that team too?

From Ella