100 word challenge week #7

So this is a spider thinking its so dainty as can be,

Im definitely sure that you can see,

how it spins its web each night,

and did you know spiders give people a fright.

This spiders looks like every day,

it can play, play, play,

around with a buzzy fly,

that the spider caught as it was flying by,

spiders have 8 eyes,

that can look at you if your telling lies,

If you find a spider web one day,

just leave it alone so the spider doesn’t have to pay,

you a visit in a long time,

so bye!




5 thoughts on “100 word challenge week #7

  1. Excellent poem Ella!! Well done. Although I won’t leave spider webs, inside the house, alone!! Keep up your wonderful writing. Linda

  2. Another entertaining and educational story thanks Ella. As you may know, when spiders arrive in our house we gently (as much as possible!) put them in a container & release them outside xo

  3. Wow! I would have never thought of using a poem in the 100 word challenge! This is a really clever 100 word challenge, and I hope you write more like this piece of writing.

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