Reflection week 7

My favourite thing this week was making my Father’s Day presents, I made a box from paddle pop sticks and I made a lovely card. Today I’m looking forward to the Father’s Day stall when we buy our dads Father’s Day presents.

Another thing I’m looking forward to today is our party/ reward for being good all month and we are watching a movie called “Pixels” with Adam sandler in it. We are also having hot chips.

Overall this week was awesome I would rate it a 9/10 but it would’ve been better if we didn’t do math.

From Ella

School Production

                     THE ODD SOCK CIRCUS    

WHERE:                          WHEN:                                    ACTS:                  

The Ulumbarra Theartre         7:30 PM 11th of September 2017   Juggling, singing, plate spinning,                        

Tight rope walking, devil sticks,  

Clowns, hoops, stilts, skipping, 

Dancing, acting, tumbling. 

Tickets on sale now

ticket prices:

Adult $25 

Secondary School student $17

Primary school student $12 

For more information visit

From Ella




Reflection week 4

My favourite thing this week was  ART because me did paper mache.

I learnt how to use prefixes in spelling.

I want to learn more about Force in Science.

Something important I need to share this week is that I learnt more about perimiter.

I rate this week a 8/10 because nothing bad or boring happened and overall it was a fun week!

From Ella


100 word challenge week #15

In 2017 I hope that the year will go quick, but I’ll be able to remember it, go to Hawaii or Queensland for the first time ever, go to Western Australia to see my cousins that I haven’t seen since I was 3, ride on a boat and see Dolphins in the Ocean, get my work finished faster at school, and have more fun with my friends!

From Ella

 Mama BabyCreative Commons License 

100 word challenge week #14

I was going to Melbourne to see my auntie, when I arrived she raced out of her front door, jumped off her steps and came over to see me. “It’s so wonderful to see you” she screamed “Come in, come in”. I had some dinner and then Went to bed, after I went to bed I heard a noise. Something or someone lurking in the shadows, I saw something, I heard “blelp mhee” as I turned round it changed shape, and then I saw it was my auntie she had eaten peanuts and got an allergic reaction. She got better.

100 word challenge week #12

I was in a wide, orange, crocodile. I’ll tell you How, so I was walking down a mountain and I came along a river, “Yes I found water,” I yelled. 

Then I saw a huge lump coming out of the water, it was a crocodile, I was 20 meters within the crocodile, and suddenly. 


The walls of dirt collapsed onto him. Well that’s what I thought, so I turned around to walk home and the crocodile ate me, luckily he ate me whole And I fell out. 

From Ella

4558ex  P900  Never smile at a crocodile jjjj56cp via Compfight




This week we did gym. The gym we went to was Jets Gym. It is very different (in a good way) to Palmers gym. I learnt how to do a flip on a bar. I did chin-ups and climbed a rope! I did cartwheels.

We learnt different positions like the moterbike position and the rocket position. There was different types of skipping. The ones I could do was fast skipping, slow skipping and Criss cross.

From Ella

100 word Challenge week #11

I was on the moon, I was finding moon powder for my potion, my potion made you live forever! Suddenly I saw a creature, an old shrivelled up green thing walking slowly towards me. I found myself trying to jump back to my rocket, but unfortunately a skinny, bony hand got grip of me I screamed and kicked. Surprisingly the “Thing” which was an alien said in his pitchy voice “Greetings humans of Earth”,

I was speechless. His name was Luna, I said WorldView 4 Launch, 11 November 2016Creative Commons License I’d come back some time soon, Which I did and gave him the potion, he lived forever!